$3.2M Detroit foreclosure mystery bidder revealed

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Someone is stepping up to invest in Detroit, and while the person remains a mystery, an auction in Motor City of more than 6,000 foreclosed properties found an unidentified bidder who has offered $3.2.

Homeowner to homeless: The brutal reality of the Detroit foreclosure auction. A plan to pull homes sold at auction was chaotic and last-minute. Still, many pinned their hopes on it happening.

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Mystery Bidder Offers $3 Million for 6,000 of Detroit’s Foreclosures. by Tara Bellucci (Image credit: Apartment Therapy) What does $3.2 million get you where you live? In Wayne County, Michigan, it’s the bid for 6,000 foreclosed properties. An unidentified bidder is prepared to pay $500 (the.

Survey shows first-time homebuyers growing weary of short sales Survey shows first-time homebuyers growing weary of short sales. by KERRI PANCHUK. Monday, September 26th, 2011, 8:34 am. First-time homebuyers are growing tired of short sales, which take nearly 17 weeks to complete, according to the latest Campbell/Inside Mortgage Finance housing survey.

Bidder paying $3.2M for 6,000 Detroit foreclosures . Now THIS is how to invest in real estate! #whenigrowup . An auction in Motor City of around 6,000 foreclosed properties found an mystery bidder who has offered $3.2 million for the buy.

Detroit, Michigan Government/Police and Foreclosure Auctions Government, police and foreclosure auctions in or near Detroit, Michigan are a great way to find low prices on things you need.

$3.2M Detroit foreclosure mystery bidder revealed Bank Exec Who Faked Death Gets 30 Years For $72M Fraud. Posted on October 29, 2014 | Leave a comment.. $3.2M Detroit foreclosure mystery bidder revealed.