First-time homebuyers are too few in number to absorb inventory overhang

Fed’s Dudley: Raising interest rates not likely very soon The average rate on credit-card accounts that were charged interest was 16.86 percent in the last three months of 2018, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s up from 14.99 percent a year earlier.

In the 71 years since India gained independence, the country’s real estate market has changed tremendously. While it has not always been consumer-favouring throughout this period, it is certainly so today. The country’s cities have expanded, new economic drivers have come in and jobs are being created at all levels.

 · November was originally going to be the last month in which sales to first-time homebuyers would qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $8,000. However, that deadline was extended through June. In addition, the tax credit was expanded to cover people who already own a home.

The influx of first-time buyers will bring challenges – some of them of very real concern. Low home inventory is expected to continue to plague the delicate balancing act of supply and demand. Some experts say to absorb the expected 19% increase in first-time buyers, the market needs a minimum of six months of supply.

 · Malaysia’s house price index grew 4% y-o-y in 1Q18 which is the lowest since 2010, reflecting the downtrend in residential property price growth across all property types over the past few years. High-rise properties have been hit the worst, with a mere 0.3% growth in 1Q18 given its large overhang which comprises 37% of unsold inventory.

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Some Thoughts on the Current economic situation. remarks for the . University Club of Chicago June 8, 2010. credits for first-time home buyers, before receiving another boost this spring, as buyers. We all know that too much money chasing too few goods eventually will generate inflation. But, currently, most of the funds used to increase.

 · It’ll take time to work off that inventory and generate more construction activity,” Baker adds. Good news from our survey is half of all respondents indicate they observed a reduction of inventory as a result of the first-time home-buyer tax credit, while 85 percent tell us their own inventory levels either decreased or remained flat.

According to Zillow Group, Millennials nationwide now make up 42 percent of all homebuyers, and 71 percent of all first-time homebuyers. (So much for the theory that Millennials will never be home owners, a theory we’ve never subscribed to anyway.) These Millennial buyers are looking

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