Government shutdown costs continue to accumulate

This will not be the last government shutdown, and let’s face it – shutdowns are only one of many things that can cause a serious hiccup in your confidence that you can you pay bills. This isn’t about politics and it isn’t about pointing fingers at why you are not getting paid.

 · It remains to be seen whether all government agencies continue to operate with full funding after the February 15 deadline. If so, the long-term economic costs of the shutdown may be relatively small, but the impact on individuals who fell behind financially or missed out on government services could be significant.

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U.S. government shutdown at huge cost I wrote about the big-picture effects of the government shutdown the other day, which are likely to be longer term. As it continues, though, the shorter-term effects continue to pile up. As such, it is time to take a look at what the shutdown means now and over the next month or so.

Although essential government functions will continue, some 380,000 federal employees are likely to be placed on furlough; that means they won’t work during the shutdown. This program provides.

Finally, all foreclosures executed during the shutdown should be rescinded, they said. If the government shuts down again, not only would the backlog of cases continue to pile up. is simple and.

But beneath the buoyant return to business as usual, Smithsonian administrators said there was still plenty to worry about: another looming deadline to fully fund the government by February..

has been through a few government shutdowns but due to its length, the recent stalemate is prompting serious concerns over the long-term effects for the Pueblo of Acoma, his Native American community..

Health insurance coverage will continue, and premiums will accumulate during the shutdown, to be withheld from paychecks after the government reopens. life insurance coverage continues for up to a. Investor fears that feedstocks will continue. cost management program. It contributed $3 million savings in the first.

The costs, both to the economy and federal operations, for this latest shutdown. to continue to operate, at current levels, until their legislatures pass a new budget. Congress should set up the.

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