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LPS: December home prices rose 5.8% annually Retail sales of passenger cars in China fell 5.8 percent in 2018 to 22.35 million, the first annual fall since 1990, but there is much room for further growth in the long term, the China Passenger.Ashvin Pandurangi: Bill Gross, Master of Monetary Psy-Ops Every so often, and more often than not, a rumor emerges in the blogosphere about a significant development, seemingly adverse to the interests of the U.S. federal government, being manufactured by the government to further solidify their control over the masses.

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Foreclosures down for 20th straight month "U.S. foreclosure activity has now decreased on a year-over-basis for 20 straight months including May, but the jump in May foreclosure starts shows that it’s going to be a bumpy ride down to the.

A day–the third Thursday in October–set apart for a performance in all the theatres of the United Kingdom in aid of the various theatrical charities–actors being pledged to give their services, dramatic authors to forego their fees, and managers to devote the entire receipts to the good cause.

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