Investors Unite hosts conference on Fannie, Freddie path out of conservatorship

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [often referred to as the government sponsored enterprises (GSEs)] are two companies in conservatorship because an agreement between their regulator, the Federal Housing.

A big holder of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac preferred stock. but we haven’t seen them ready for investment to do so" Although the country’s economy is still growing fast, a trade war with the U.S..

The national debt is so out of control, that healthcare has to be supplemented from. Once under Conservatorship, the Treasury (under Obama) made Fannie the “financial agent for the United States.. Fannie Mae is at all times the owner of the mortgage note, whether the note is in Fannie Mae's portfolio.

University of California regents sue AIG over subprime mortgages Ocwen buying portfolio of delinquent Ginnie Mae mortgages "Prepayment speeds declined due to a reduction in the already low refinancing activity and slower liquidations on seriously delinquent loans. While the prepayment speed for this non-agency portfolio ..S&P Lowers the Boom on 1,326 Alt-A RMBS Classes Likewise, alt-A lending has gained share in overall originations, rising from 2.2 percent in 2003 to 14 percent in the second quarter of 2006. Alt-A’s share of private-label originations has soared from 12 percent in the first quarter of 2003 to 34 percent in the second quarter of 2006, according to Inside Mortgage Finance.Why stop at Wall Street? – Corzine is creating a panel to help the state through the rapidly changing financial turmoil. It meets Monday and consists mostly of labor and business with a few legislators. “We are going to do.

 · There are millions and millions of dirty money around the Fannie/Freddie failure and I, for one, think we should find out where all the money went. From the $20M buyout of former Clinton lackey Franklin Raines right up to all the Senators and Congress.

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BlackRock, PIMCO set to push for BofA mortgage deal In late June, BofA settled an eight-month dispute with outside investors who bought countrywide financial Corp mortgage bonds. The investors — including Pacific Investment Management Co, or PIMCO,Jeb Hensarling: “Dodd-Frank was a grave mistake” Mortgage fraud risk rises as jumbos attract more attention Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates once again drop to new yearly lows servicers Make 116,000 hamp trials permanent David J. Stern launches legal battle against nation’s biggest mortgage servicers donald trump signed two executive orders on Wednesday. Both are part of his battle against illegal immigration. With one of the decisions, the president ordered work to begin on planning and building.Through June, 389,198 borrowers have received permanent modifications. Unlike many previous efforts, HAMP modifications reduced principal as well as interests. HAMP also included a three month.S&P Lowers the Boom on 1,326 Alt-A RMBS Classes Bring On The Alt-A Downgrades by Mish – 24hGold – HousingWire is reporting S&P Lowers the Boom on 1,326 Alt-A RMBS Classes.. Bring on the Alt-A downgrades: Standard & Poor’s Rating Services said Wednesday evening that it had slashed the ratings of 1,326 Alt-A residential mortgage-backed securities, after recent data is proving performance of Alt-A loans originated in 2006 and 2007 to be particularly problematic.Stonegate Mortgage hires new Atlanta market manager stonegate mortgage Corporation – CFO Moves – stonegate mortgage corporation [indianapolis, IN] (NYSE: SGM) announced Carrie Preston, current Chief Accounting Officer, as its chief financial officer. ms. preston replaces robert eastep, who is leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. Ms. Preston is a CPA and joined stonegate mortgage in October 2014 as Chief Accounting Officer. · U.S. mortgage rates fell, decreasing borrowing costs after more Americans applied for home loans. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 3.32 percent in the week ended today, down from.Mortgage fraud: A risk factor analysis of affected communities – Mortgage fraud is a fast-growing form of white-collar crime that has received much press coverage in the United States of America. Mortgage fraud has an adverse effect on individual homeowners, communities, and many indirect victims of the crime.At present, Texas congressman, Jeb Hensarling – an outspoken critic of Dodd-Frank appears to be the frontrunner in the competition for US Treasury Secretary. Hensarling, who just last week said "Dodd-Frank was a grave mistake", is pushing his own Wall Street-friendly Financial CHOICE act.

An Overview of the Fannie and Freddie Conservatorship Litigation . David Reiss* The fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are subject to the vagaries of politics, regulation, public opinion, the economy, and not least of all the numerous cases that have been filed in 2013 against various government entities arising from the placement of the

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STOCKS THAT WILL DOUBLE YOUR MONEY! (Value Investing) Investors Unite will host a forum discussion on a recently released white paper from Dr. Clifford Rossi entitled Forging a Path Out of Conservatorship for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The discussion, to be held Thursday, October 2nd, 11:30 am to 1 pm EDT, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room SD G-11, will focus on the way forward for housing finance reform and how the government’s role as conservator.