Is Seattle about to do away with single-family zoning?

They are backyard cottages built on a single-family property. Similar city regulations affect mother-in-law apartments. But they are difficult to build under Seattle’s current zoning regulations..

“The top 20 percent – healthy six figure incomes, average income is about $200,000,” Reeves told Seattle’s Morning News. “That group has been pulling away. zoning, to allow more duplexes and.

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But Seattle and Denver are stymied in their efforts to protect existing tenants by state policies and preemptions.. Doing away with single-family zoning will not resurrect robert moses and.

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Second, each unit will be smaller than under current zoning, which also lowers the cost per unit. Currently the City of Portland is considering making changes to much of its single family zoned neighborhoods. Minneapolis recently passed similar zoning changes and Seattle has been wrestling with the possibility in recent years.

Walsh Acres resident Larry Wilson said it’s unfair for homeowners who have purchased homes and invested heavily in detached single-family. zoning changes, but said he’d like to see downtown.

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In Seattle, there are five main levels of zoning: single-family residential, multi-family residential, mixed-use (think apartments above a corner store), commercial, and industrial. Seattle passed its first zoning codes in 1923 and, in an update in 1957, laid the groundwork for our current land use rules.

So what is the correct percentage of Seattle that is single-family zoning? Well, single-family zoning in Seattle didn’t exist until the 1923 comprehensive plan. Prior to that, multifamily housing was legal in every part of the city. This is the reason there are existing duplexes, triplexes, and apartments in many of Seattle’s single-family.

A draft housing affordability report leaked tuesday morning has stirred attention with recommendations that include pushing the city away from single. 65 percent of Seattle’s property is zoned for.

The racist roots of single-family zoning "It’s dj vu all over again," concludes Fox, "although this time around, it really was a plan to do away with single family zoning." Perhaps there is too much of that zoning; it may.

Enlisted by Seattle’s City Council, the seattle planning commission spent a year and a half compiling a report on the impact of single-family zoning in Seattle and argues that the city’s.