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Pictures of MERS Part 1 Corporate Documents Illustrate the Mortgage Shell Game. by Richard Eskow. There are at least two ways "MERS Inc." (that synthetic company that’s a MERSCORP "subsidiary" becomes the mock holder of a loan, but the preferred way is to have lenders employ a.

For example, if an employee uses company data systems on a personal computer, delete the information before releasing it back to the employee. To ensure that these issues are resolved equitably, include a section in the employee handbook devoted to personal property and how it is treated during work and after separation.

The penalties for misclassifying employees as independent contractors can be significant. You can avoid trouble by following these tips. (For more information on hiring independent contractors, including contracts you can use to set up the terms of the relationship, get Working With Independent Contractors, by Stephen Fishman (Nolo).)

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Most hiring lawsuits boil down to one of these two scenarios: The employer relied on information that was legally off-limits in making its decision, or the employer misled (or outright lied to) the applicant during the hiring process. In some situations, an applicant might even have a legal claim against a former employer who is illegally.

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Rights of Disciplined or Fired Employees. Employees under the at-will doctrine can leave a job without any warning, but as most cases occur, employees consider legal action to retain their right to a job, instead of enforcing their legal right to walk away from a job.

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When Can You Withhold Money from an Employee’s Check?. "An employee just walked off the job and they still have a company cell phone, laptop and key to the office.. how do we handle these issues without stepping into legal mud puddles?

What if a laid-off employee refuses to return his laptop to the company?. What if the company will not give you your final paycheck. Can I sell these items to recoup my money owed?. do I have no legal recourse to charge them for the safekeeping of their property for the three months they.

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