Mortgage fraudsters are leaving these 10 markets

[Why markets are partying while the world burns] Earlier this week, Freddie Mac revised its outlook for mortgage rates. rate loan programs (agency jumbo ARM) while leaving their [five]-year and.

The Vacant Offices Of Mortgage Alliance-  The Fugitives | American Greed Kroll notes the potential for mortgage fraud is increased more than 10% nationally – the third consecutive quarter of increases. Additionally, there are ten markets were mortgage fraud is likely.

What drives the performance of the top 10 metro area housing markets? This article examines how much these markets will outshine the national average based on our housing market predictions 2019.

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See the top 10 states for reported mortgage fraud, according to the lexisnexis mortgage fraud index, with their ranking in 2012 versus 2011 in the chart to the right.

These types of crimes drive innocent, trusting, and unsuspecting buyers and other victims into foreclosure, ultimately leaving lenders burdened with bad loans, and neighborhoods with abandoned and.

Americans outlook on housing defies overall economic pessimism Higher-Income Americans Turning More Pessimistic – Overall Economic Outlook Is Improving During the week of Oct. 6-12, the percentage of Americans saying the economy was getting worse reached a new weekly high of 88% for the year, while 9% said it was getting better, producing a net "getting worse" score of 79.

In addition, says Bramham, there are still sophisticated fraudsters who submit fake payslips and statements, or even invent the company they work for. Having launched officially at the end of 2014, Fleet Mortgages has been operating for less than six months.

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The national average on the Mortgage Fraud Risk Index is 146; Washington, D.C., and Maryland, both of which have an index around 150, rank in the top 15 states. Nevada, at 245, is the riskiest state. Fraudsters follow the distressed market because they prey on people who are desperate for help.

Brown Arrests Three Mortgage Brokers for Stealing Nearly $1 Million from Borrowers.. In total, defendants stole over $950,000 from more than 70 borrowers, leaving victims holding $30 million in loans with terms they did not agree to.

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"With a potential forecasted increase of 1 to 2 per cent on the mortgage interest rate, foreclosures will happen to some of these mortgage holders who can’t even afford the current mortgage rates.

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In a housing market where prices are increasing, the property may only be held for 6 to 9 months before it is sold again for a profit. If the house is a rental and cannot be rented out, there is no cash flow to cover the mortgage payment.