Mortgage lending boom? Equifax reports massive increase in home credit

Freddie Mac: How to avoid mortgage fraud  · Fannie, Freddie and Fraud My last post was about the growing crisis in the mortgage industry that results from the subprime loans written by banks for homeowners who qualified for these mortgages only because of lax or nonexistent underwriting policies. loans were made with little or no verification of income,

mortgage credit reports for Mortgage Loans. Mortgage credit reports are used for real estate loans. They are used to underwrite the original loan to buy the real estate, for refinancing the original loan, and perhaps in second mortgages or home equity situations when the loan applicant is increasing the original loan to improve the unit or to take money out of the accumulated equity in the.

Small housing inventory may push rental demand for years Inventory for home buyers across US at 20-year low | Las. – Inventory for home buyers across US at 20-year low. "I’ll probably rent for two or three years.". The median sales price of previously owned single-family homes was $300,000 in May.

 · During the 1990s, rates of subprime mortgage lending, home equity borrowing, and home ownership increased among minorities and in the context of high segregation many of the new borrowers were necessarily located in minority neighborhoods (Been, Ellen, and Madar 2009; Squires, Hyra, and Renner 2009).

Paul Skeens, president of Colonial Mortgage Group in Waldorf, Maryland, says documentation is still a big deal for most lenders reaching out to home buyers who are marginal credit risks.

Credit scores help lenders assess risk when issuing loans. A higher credit score (lower risk) typically translates into reduced interest rates, better credit card offers, and less expensive insurance premiums, among other benefits, all of which can result in massive savings over the course of a lifetime.

Another way you can get credit for your positive payment history is by taking advantage of tools like Experian Boost , a new product that allows you to instantly increase your FICO Score * by adding utility and phone bill payments to your credit file.

 · Bill would ban fees for credit freezes, enhance fraud protections. More than 140 million americans could be affected by the Equifax breach, which included Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit-card numbers. That data exposes consumers to financial identity theft, and the potential of fraudulent accounts that could cause years of financial chaos.

Buying your first home can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You not only have to find the right place, you also have to find the right mortgage. loan before you close on your home,

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That’s a massive surge compared to the recent boom years of the credit and real estate markets. IndyMac Bancorp IMB, -0.02% a large savings and loan institution and a leading mortgage lender, is.