National mortgage settlement provides $45 billion in homeowner relief

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 · It requires Ocwen to provide $125 million in refunds to foreclosed-upon consumers and $2 billion in loan modification relief to its customers through principal reduction. The refunds and relief also apply to consumers whose loans were previously serviced by Homeward Residential Holdings and Litton Loan Servicing.

RALEIGH, N.C. – Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement, today released a report that outlines the consumer relief activities the five banks that are parties to the Settlement have conducted since March 1, 2012. The banks disclosed that they have extended more than $45.83 billion in gross relief to more than 550,000 borrowers, or roughly $82,668 per homeowner.

banks’ gross relief tops $45 billion in ongoing national mortgage settlement DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today localized the latest report by Joseph A. Smith, Jr., Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement outlining the consumer relief activities the five banks that are parties to the settlement have conducted since March 1, 2012.

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New Jersey has joined in a $2.1 billion multi-state and. including "robo-signing," Hoffman said. The settlement holds Ocwen accountable for previous mortgage servicing and foreclosure abuses,

Mortgage settlement scams are scams which are designed to prey on consumers who either are or believe they are eligible for the National Mortgage Settlement. Scammers’ goal is to obtain personal information (like your social security number), bank account information, or charge you a fee to help determine whether you qualify for relief.

This Press Release presents a “core net interest margin” which excludes the effects of the (1) discount amortization on convertible subordinated debt; (2) accelerated discount amortization on.

KEY PROVISIONS OF THE SETTLEMENT. The servicers were required to provide up to $17 billion in principal reduction and other forms of loan modification relief nationwide. They ended up providing over $50 billion in gross relief which translated into $20.7 billion in credited relief under the terms of the Settlement.

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Obama on Landmark Housing Settlement with Banks As part of the settlement, the five largest mortgage servicers have agreed to a $25 billion penalty under a joint state-national settlement structure. A minimum of $17 billion goes directly to borrowers nationally through a series of homeowner relief efforts, including principal reduction.

The National Mortgage Settlement. The settlement held them accountable for the servicing violations that contributed to the mortgage crisis in this county. The National Mortgage Settlement provided up to $25 billion in relief to current and former homeowners.

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