Reminder: Millennials want to buy homes!

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Dolly Lenz on housing: Millennials all want to buy Atlanta millennials really want to buy a home, but have no idea how much they’ll need to save. Will take nearly 9 years to get the money.. atlanta millennials want to buy a house, just can’t.

As millennials age and start families, they’re buying more homes than ever, and they’re making lower down payments despite rising home prices, which require larger mortgages. Results from a recent.

Millennials and Home Ownership – Do Millennials Need to Buy Homes? Here are some considerations for Millennials trying to decide whether or not to save for their own home: economic barriers to Homeownership. As the Washington Post recently reported, economic barriers to homeownership are on the rise. These barriers include rising mortgage.

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 · A majority of millennials already have plans to buy a home, but they continue to face pressure from rising house prices as well as challenges in saving for a.

 · Millennials are Buying Their First Homes, and Here’s What They Want. Authorities disagree on the exact birth years of the Millennial generation: for example, Pew Research defines Millennials as being born between 1981-1997, the US Census Bureau claims 1982-2000, and the National Association of Realtors says 1980-1995.

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