Refined USDA Home Loan, Conventional Home Loan & VA Home Loan In Driscoll, TX


Most Vital Home Loans by Prodigy Lending Company in Driscoll, Texas


Prodigy Lending is known for its tedious employees who make sure that they give the best of services to its members. The services are custom-made to suit the needs of the customers. The are many options to choose from and the best ones are deployed for maximum consumer satisfaction. The lowest rates are issued to enable the member to avoid losses. The services vary from each type of housing loan to cater for either buying your dream home, first house, refinancing an existing loan or even consolidating debt. The work of the clients is to simply choose which avenue they would wish to use to get their houses.

Conventional Home Loans

  • The initial payment is very low even going to 3% down. This allows low-income earners to be in a position that allows them to get their homes.
  • A much lower cost for mortgage insurance as compared to FHA loans.
  • The terms that are there before opening is done are modified in accordance to the client. The customer may decide to pay back in 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.
  • They are no lender fees charged.

FHA Home Loans

  • The down payments charged are relatively low and can go to 3.5 % making it easier to acquire the house.
  • The process involved in the qualification process is easy thereby reducing the barriers involved.
  • Existence of rehab loans that are there for the sole purpose of fixing and renovating of homes.
  • Attractive interest rates that enable the client to meet the funds for the organization.
  • Higher debt to income ratio that ensures that the clients with a lot of debts are not closed off.

VA Home Loans

  • Prodigy Planning offers a full payment that means that one does not need to come up with the down payment.
  • There is no cost incurred in terms of the mortgage cover to the lenders.
  • It is an easy process for one to meet the criteria for qualification. This means that the process becomes smooth with no hitches.
  • Lower closing costs for our customers.
  • Prodigy Planning is also known to give the best rates for a government loan.

USDA Home Loans

  • The loans are wholly financed which means that the down payment is not remitted by our clients.
  • The credit rates are very low which guarantees that no losses are made.
  • The cost for the mortgage insurance cover is noticeably lower are compared to other housing companies.
  • The client must qualify for Income and Home location.

We are very proud of the services we offer at Prodigy Lending. The client is always put first, and all the needs met. The information of the client is kept under locks as it is deemed confidential. Our work has been there for almost two decades now and picking up awards like the Top Work Places for the past eight years. We utilize the most current rates in accordance with the market conditions. Go ahead and call us to own the home you have always wanted.

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