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Prodigy Lending is proud to have the best employees in the organization. The task force itself has some of the best professionals in the United States. We offer the best services to our clients by giving the many options to choose from. This can be done through different loan plans at very low rates. This earns a very high satisfaction for the loans in terms of the homes they end up building. Many options are given whether it is for the first home or the dream one. We always make sure the needs are catered for before the work moves forward.

Conventional Home Loans

  • Very minimal initial payments or down payments of almost 3% down.
  • Reduced cost in paying for the private insurance cover as compared to that of FHA loans.
  • The terms can be suited to the client’s wish. For instance, one can decide to take a 30,20, 15 or a 10-year mortgage.
  • There are no fees that are charged to the lender.

FHA Home Loans

  • The initial payment done is very low up to 3.5% down that attracts more people to the corporation.
  • Prodigy Lending creates a very easy process to allow one to be able to meet the criteria to benefit from this.
  • Attractive interest rates that allow one to want to use this method.
  • Presence of rehab loans that are there to help one to remodel and fix their homes at any time even for resale purposes.
  • Higher debt to income ratio that does not discriminate against any client.

VA Home Loans

  • There is absolutely no cost charged for mortgage insurance purposes. This ensures that the client does not incur more costs.
  • Our VA loans are specially designed for 100% financing. This means that any of our clients do not need to contribute to the building process.
  • The process for qualification is much easier thereby enabling clients to benefit.
  • Prodigy Lending also guarantees the people taking VA loans lower closing costs as they finish their houses.
  • Creation of best rates for government loans.

USDA Home Loans

  • No down payment needed for the loan which ensures that the home building moves on well.
  • The rates charged are relatively lower.
  • The cost of the insurance on the mortgage is reduced to a certain point that does not affect the client.
  • The client must qualify for Income and Home location.

The relationship forged between Prodigy Lending and our customers are filled with trust especially since we consider the information of our clients private. We have been in the game for more than 17 years and ensure our growing clientele get the value from us. The proof is in the awards earned such as the Top Work Places which we have won for the past eight years. Our rates are tailored according to the current and lowest one in accordance with the current market conditions. There is a reason we are the best private lenders in the States so do not be afraid to give us a call today.

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