The LOS and Fintech are at a Crossroads: Are They Parting Ways or Converging?

In this paper, the authors aim to understand how business and innovation ecosystems are overlapping, and what kinds of dynamics can be identified between them in the context of FinTech.

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 · Fintech is at a crossroads. On one hand, you have large traditional banks and a financial services industry with annual revenues of $5trillion; on the other, exciting young fintech.

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The LOS and Fintech are at a Crossroads: Are They Parting Ways or Converging?

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 · They are also an extremely promising development for those hoping to keep the internet accessible to entrepreneurs, developers, and other independent creators.” All these new advancements in the crypto sector have drawn a lot of media attention. And investors. The value of bitcoin has soared more than 200% in recent months.

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