The top 10 safest and most dangerous cities

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Among individuals aged 15 to 24, this rate in the top 50 metropolitan areas was 13.0 per 100,000 and ranged from a low of 7.3 to a high of 25.8. 10 Most Unsafe Cities to Drive In

The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States Four cities in the United States are counted the among the world’s most dangerous. The cities are, in descending order of homicide rates, St. Louis, Missouri (65.83), Baltimore, Maryland (55.48), New Orleans, Louisiana (40.10) and Detroit, Michigan (39.69).

 · Kansas City and St. Louis rank as two of the most dangerous cities in the country, but eight metro cities are among the safest in Kansas and Missouri.

 · The National Council for Home Safety and Security released the top 10 ranking, which is a subset of its larger report, Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America ranking. You can read more in the article, The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. on

There are plenty of cities in America that are unsafe to live in with a very high crime rate. It is unsafe in a way that it is life threatening with murder, assault and rape being very common. Here are the top 10 most dangerous cities in America 2019.

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It’s harder to find one of the safest cities in the West or the South-those regions have only five cities each on our list. The Midwest is home to 20% of the country’s safest cities. The top three cities (Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Ridgefield, Connecticut; Madison, Connecticut) each reported zero violent crimes in 2017-and each has a median income of more than $100,000.

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Top Ten Safest Countries In The World. Here are The top 10 countries that are considered as the safest places on earth. So let’s start the countdown. #10 canada. With a truly cosmopolitan culture of major towns and cities where more than two-third of the population resides, Canada is definitely one of the safest destinations to settle-down or.

In this article, we are going to share with you the top 10 safest cities to live in 2019 in the world. This will include the 10 best safest cities in the world in 2019 to live in. The list is based on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s report. The report covers top 50 safest cities [.]

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