Trulia: American homebuyers prefer new homes 2 to 1

Resale homes will often cost less per square foot than a new home, but updating for energy efficiency or more modern features can become costly. Speaking of features, this brings us to our next step on our first-time home buyer’s guide.

To understand how Americans feel about their neighbors, Trulia surveyed 3,014 American adults on September 25-27. Few People Said Neighbors Were “Very Important” in Choosing Homes Despite neighbors.

With falling home prices and currency exchange rates in their favor, international investors are actively using Trulia to search for homes in the current U.S. housing climate."Trulia is an.

The survey also found that 58% of potential Gen Z homebuyers value a diverse community, the first generation in American.

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Although 55 percent of home buyers in the “What Home Buyers Really Want” report prefer a new home, only 8 percent of homes actually purchased between 2009 and 2011 were new. The new homes were bigger and more expensive than other homes on the market.

In the 2013 AHS, the median income for all recent home buyers was $69,974. New home buyers had a higher median income than existing home buyers-$86,535 compared to $67,974. About 31 percent of new home buyers, make less than $60,000, 27 percent make between $60,000 and $99,999, and the remaining 42 percent make $100,000 or more.

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First-time Homebuyers. The app will also help you find a real estate agent, because hiring an. When it comes to neighborhood insights, Trulia might be the best of the. notifications of new listings, price drops, and when homes are sold.. Coolest feature: more than 1 million rental and sales listings not.

A recent report by Trulia found that, compared with six years ago, To some, that might sound like a lot of money. But in. First-time home buyers can be overly optimistic about what they can get for their money.. A year or two after purchase, new properties can suffer the same. 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.