Here’s why Wells Fargo believes in Nationstar

Sorry I got confused a bit, you mentioned your loan was transferred from GMAC to Nationstar.. I believe it is actually Wells Fargo who is your investor and Nationstar is the servicer.. I do not see any other reason why Wells would be mentioned if this were not the case.

Mr. Cooper Customers Say Nothing Has Changed With Name Change From Nationstar. Mr. Cooper Mortgage is the re-branded Nationstar and the verdict is in. Customers say the name is stupid and the commercials are annoying.. Customers also say nothing has changed, They still receive the same low-quality service before the name change.

Obviously, if the situation has gotten so far out of control that the government, and not even the regulators, but the US Congress, believes that it must get involved, then something is grossly wrong.

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Elevate your underperformers It is sometimes blatant, and sometimes a little more subtle, but the message is sent with a megaphone to the team members: Don’t ask questions, just do your work. This is a killer for star performers and underperformers alike. However, there is a pretty easy solution: stop, listen, and allow. Stop what you are doing. Listen to the idea.

Wells Fargo has acquired approximately $51 billion in mortgage servicing rights from Seneca Mortgage Investments, a real estate investment firm in New York. The financial terms of were not disclosed, but the transaction will be reflected in Wells’ third-quarter results, the company said in a press release Wednesday.

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Here’s how the Street reacted. the company still has "plenty of room to run," he said. Wells Fargo’s $32 price target is based on 21.5 times a 2019 EPS estimate of $1.50, and there is "no reason".

“We believe. issue here was limited to certain” employees working in the company’s community banking division. wells Fargo did not mention the auto insurance scandal, which was rooted in its auto.

Nationstar Leadership Lets Company’s Marketing Team Rebrand It As "Mr. Cooper" It seems like Nationstar Mortgage wants to rebrand itself in the image Gary Cooper. Meet Mr. Cooper. The new name of Nationstar Mortgage. Nationstar entered 2017 looking for a fresh start and apparently a name change was just the thing.

How many underwater homes hold risky second-liens? Not sure what going to happen a year from now r even two years but the game is a no end in sight thing like many others we all scared to death of what may hold later on down the line, I still have a job, but bills have gone beyond my control, my hrs are cut, my house note went up cause of taxes, home owner ins..Foreclosure delays beginning to wear off: RealtyTrac RealtyTrac Reports Archives | ATTOM Data Solutions – Foreclosure Activity Below Pre-Recession Levels in 57 Percent of Metro Areas; Foreclosure Starts Up in 24 Percent of Markets Including Dallas, Denver,