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The organization at Prodigy Lending is known far and wide for its hardworking workforce. This is clear through our capable personnel having the right qualifications. We also provide the best services to suit the needs of those with mortgage issues. There are many avenues to choose from in order to benefit the most from the process. We provide the lowest rates to protect your finances. This ensures that your goal is met whether it is in terms of the first or the dream home. There is also a variance in the types of loans on whether you would like to refinance an existing loan or consolidate debt.

Conventional Loan

  • Prodigy Lending offers a very low initial payment of even up to 3% down. This ensures that one can join the program easily.
  • Reduced cost of insurance for private lenders as compared to FHA loans that allow the members to afford it.
  • Terms that can be modified. This can be in terms of the period such as 30, 20, 15 or 10 years depending on the ability of the client.
  • There are no lender fees.

FHA Home Loans

  • The initial down payment to be paid at the start can go as low as even 3.5%. This makes it attractive for clients to use it.
  • The qualifications are very easy to meet thereby guarantees the mortgage is approved.
  • Convenient interest rates charged that do not cause an inconvenience.
  • Availability of loans that are there specifically for rehabilitation purposes. This is in terms of fixing of houses either for personal or resale purposes.
  • Existence of a higher debt to income ratio for one to qualify.

VA Home Loans

  • We offer our VA loans at 100% financing. This simply means that you do not have to have a down payment to meet the criteria.
  • No mortgage insurance costs charged on our clients.
  • Prodigy Lending approves low closing costs to its customers which ensures satisfied clients at the end of the period.
  • The easy qualification process for the joining process.
  • Best rates that are given especially for a government loan.

USDA Home Loan

  • Providence of a full 100% financing for the home building process.
  • Good conditions for the clients with no down payments at relatively low rates to the individual.
  • The cost incurred for the insurance cover is relatively low thereby guaranteeing the client does not suffer.
  • The client must qualify for Income and Home Location.

We are proud of all the achievements we have accomplished in the past 17 years that we have existed. Our efforts have also not gone unnoticed as we have earned awards such as the Top Work Places for the past 8 years. The first thing you have to do is the start of the pre-approval process and earn the benefits. The relationship with our customers is also kept secure as possible to make sure your information is secure and private. Make a call to the best private lenders in the States to begin the process today.

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