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The Professional Home Loan Mortgage Service In Taft, Texas


Prodigy Lending is one of the best mortgage company in the United States right now. This is boosted by the best team in the organization in terms of its employees. The personnel are experts in their fields and make sure that they give the best of services to their members. The advantages range from the multiple programs given to the low rates. This ensures that one can get the best services at a minimum cost. Many of our clients have been able to obtain their dream houses, first homes, refinance their existing loans and consolidate debts. This creates several options for one to take before making a choice on how to build his or her home. 

Conventional Home Loans

  • The initial deposit to be made is conveniently low at only 3% down.
  • The Insurance amount to be paid is substantially lower compared to FHA loans thereby ensuring protecting the lender does not affect the client.
  • Convenient terms. This means that the client can make the payments according to his or her needs. One can pay in either 30, 20, 15 or 10 years.
  • There are no lender fees that are charged.

FHA Loans

  • Relatively low-down payments of even 3.5% that ensures our clients are not badly affected.
  • Easy to join since the requirements can be met.
  • The interest rates are good and can be met by our clients.
  • Prodigy Lending offers rehabilitation loans that allow for renovations to be made to houses. This could very be beneficial especially for those planning to resell.
  • Higher debt to income ratio that allows anyone to benefit from us due to the ease in qualification.

VA Home Loans

  • Prodigy Lending offers a full loan that does not require a down payment. This helps those who are unable to come up with it.
  • There is no insurance cover cost charged on the actual mortgage.
  • We offer the best rates unlike other firms on the government loan.
  •  The rates that are charged during closing are reduced significantly to benefit the client.

USDA Home Loans

  • Prodigy Lending provides full loans that enable the client to not worry concerning the down payment.
  • The rates are also low to make sure there is no trouble incurred in the process.
  • The money remitted to cover mortgage insurance is considerably reduced.
  • The client must qualify for Income and Home location.

The ease created between our clients and Prodigy Lending is proof that we put our customers first. Creating a good network in our organization is beneficial to create proper service provision. Aside from that, the information is stored securely with no leakages to the public without approval. The experience we have garnered in our 17 years in service allows us to help many people and this shows through the awards such as the Top Work Places that has been ours for the past 8 years.

Do not be afraid to give us a call today begin your home building process.